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Clinique vétérinaire Sud-Ouest (Dr. Elkin Seto) at 4028 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest in Montréal, Quebec

Clinique vétérinaire Sud-Ouest (Dr. Elkin Seto) in 4028 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Quebec: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

Phone: +1 514-600-8387


4028 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest,
Montréal, Quebec
H4C 1R1
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Reviews about Clinique vétérinaire Sud-Ouest (Dr. Elkin Seto)

  • Dr. Seto is not only a remarkably talented clinician, he is also one of the most caring doctors I ever had the pleasure of seeing. My dog came with me from overseas, so she had extensive medical screening before being allowed to fly half way around the world. On arriving to Canada she developed vague symptoms that we attributed to stress and adjustment to change (she was always a sensitive pup). However, when we brought her to Dr. Seto for vaccinations 2 weeks after landing in Canada, he had the foresight to treat those same symptoms seriously and suggested investigations. We were sceptical about the need for such extensive (and expensive) investigations, but went along with the plan because we figured Dr Seto came highly recommended and because by referring us to an outside clinic he clearly did not benefit personally from ordering those investigations. What we thought was a moody dog turned out to be a dog suffering from a fast growing lymphoma cancer. Dr Seto called us with the results and straight away referred us to a good oncologist. And here’s why he’s a truly amazing vet: Despite only ever meeting our dog once for a routine appointment (no prior knowledge of our dog and taking only his minimal fee for such a meeting), Dr Seto 1. Did not administer any unnecessary treatment (he did not give a potentially harmful vaccine to an immuno-compromised dog) 2. Was perceptive enough to order investigations for symptoms that 5 (!!!) vets treated as unimportant 3. Spent over half an hour on the phone explaining the result of the investigations (time he could have spent on billable patients) and the prognosis 4. When our dog passed away months later after unsuccessful chemotherapy at a vet hospital, he sent us a personal condolence card (having met our dog only once months ago). You can trust Dr Seto to make best possible recommendations for the welfare of your animal, and to extend the kind of care and compassion that has nothing to do with a business bottom line and everything to do with what kind of amazing human being he is. Even though we met Dr Seto under sad circumstances, we still think he is a shining star of his profession.
    by Lola Ianovski
    November 12, 2017
  • I was calling to schedule an appointment since before the clinic even opened... ;) There was no vet in St-Henri before Dr. Seto came along, and to have one walking distance from my place now has been incredibly convenient. Especially one where the vet and the staff are so professional and caring. ^_^
    by Sandy Estefania
    January 18, 2017
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About Clinique vétérinaire Sud-Ouest (Dr. Elkin Seto) in Montréal

Clinique vétérinaire Sud-Ouest (Dr. Elkin Seto) is located at 4028 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal, Quebec.